Jesus Ain't Woke - Kade Young

Critical Race Theory, abortion, LGBTQ… If it’s controversial, the woke church sides with culture in hopes of attracting the masses. But Jesus Ain’t Woke, and Christians shouldn’t be either.

Get the confirmation you need to steer clear of wokeness in this thrilling 30-minute read.

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God Privilege

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Holy Spirit

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In this video, I take you to the starting line of the healing ministry of Jesus. He heals one after the other, after the other, proving that God’s will is to heal every person, every time.

Today kicks off LGBTQ+ PRIDE month. 🏳️‍🌈

It’s sad that this sin has become so mainstream that you will even find many Christians celebrating PRIDE month.

At the same time, this month is an opportunity for REVIVAL to show up. I am believing God to make good out of evil by using this ungodly holiday as a wake-up call for deliverance.

God wants people FREE from the bondage of homosexuality and gender confusion. And that’s what I am standing for.

You know why I’m so passionate? Because I was delivered from homosexuality more than 15 years ago. Watch my story:

Delivered from homosexuality

In this video, I prove that YOU have a special assignment in the body of Christ. God wants to partner with YOU to bring His kingdom to the earth.

These days, the word “darkness” is left open to interpretation. The world seems to think that calling a man a man is evil, yet they have no problem with sexually explicit TV shows.

In this video, I explain what “darkness” really is and why you should hate it as a follower of Jesus Christ.

If someone tried to hurt someone in your household, would you be passionate about protecting them? Yes. We learn from Jesus that we should see our church the same way.

In this video, I reveal why we should be passionate about protecting the body of Christ.

Modern Christianity believes we are so sophisticated that we don’t need spiritual gifts to reach people. We’ve got the music, the lights, the good-looking pastors…

But, if Jesus needed spiritual gifts to reach people, we need spiritual gifts to reach people. Find out how to use all nine spiritual gifts in this video.

Woke Christianity has gone rogue with evangelism. They try to reach people through inclusion and acceptance. Yet, Jesus used a different approach.

In this video, I reveal the Jesus way to reach people.

The Jesus Way to Reach People | Different - Part 1

The darkness we see in culture right now is a product of the woke church. The good news is, we can turn this thing around. In this video, I give you the woke antidote.

When the church went woke, darkness was given free rein. The good news is, we can turn this thing around.

In this video, I explain how you can be part of the restoration of our nation.

In this video, I explain what God Privilege is by comparing it to the woke counterfeit of white privilege. I also talk about Critical Race Theory and give you the Biblical solution to racism.