Jesus Ain't Woke - Kade Young

Critical Race Theory, abortion, LGBTQ… If it’s controversial, the woke church sides with culture in hopes of attracting the masses. But Jesus Ain’t Woke, and Christians shouldn’t be either.

Get the confirmation you need to steer clear of wokeness in this thrilling 30-minute read.

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The church has been quiet on the LGBTQ issue for a long time. But, since our strategy of silence isn’t producing the results God wants, it’s time to reevaluate.

Same-sex attraction is a temptation many Christians face. Does it mean they’re gay? Is there a way to get rid of it? Find out in this video.

Struggle with same-sex attraction?

Kids encounter LGBTQ almost every day at school. So it’s really not surprising when they struggle with their sexual identity. But as a parent, what do you do? Find out in this video.

LGBTQ has found its way into our schools and kids’ TV programs. Is it as harmless as they say it is? Find out in this video.

A well-known theory is that those who struggle with same-sex attraction are born that way. But can it be proven? Find out in this video.

You may have never struggled with homosexuality, but you know probably someone who has. So this question, “Can you be saved and gay?” is one almost every Christian wrestles with at some point. Find the answer in this video.

Can you be saved and gay?

“Love is love” is one of the most frequently used statements the LGBTQ community uses to shut Christians down. But, don’t be fooled. Find out why in this video.

Love God, love others. That sums up the Christian walk. But do we have to celebrate PRIDE month to show the LGBTQ community that we love them? Find out in this video.

There are plenty of people who bend scripture to try to prove God is okay with homosexuality. But, the Bible is clear as day on this subject.

Find out what God really says about homosexuality in this video.

Living by faith is no walk in the park. There is going to be opposition. Well-meaning people will persecute you. Sin will try to sidetrack you. Learn how to overcome opposition in this video.