Jesus Ain't Woke - Kade Young

Critical Race Theory, abortion, LGBTQ… If it’s controversial, the woke church sides with culture in hopes of attracting the masses. But Jesus Ain’t Woke, and Christians shouldn’t be either.

Get the confirmation you need to steer clear of wokeness in this thrilling 30-minute read.

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In this video, I expose how the woke church is responsible for the damage that’s been done to our nation and what we can do to turn it around.

In this video, I expose how almost everything woke is actually an attack on children and what you can do to stop it.

When going through a tough time, you’ve probably heard a pastor or Christian friend simply tell you to trust God. And that sounds great, but the reality is, you’re struggling to trust God.

In this video, we dig into why. Why do you struggle to trust God?

Is God asking you to do something that isn’t very comfortable?

This video will encourage you to take that step of faith. Because when you do, God will supply everything you need.

In order to get to a place you can multiply your finances, you have to learn to trust God to provide for your needs. Otherwise, you’ll be so busy meeting your own needs you won’t have time to multiply.

Find out why you can trust God to provide your needs in this video.

It’s time to give up on maintaining. Instead, look for opportunities to multiply.

As you learn to let go of your money in order to multiply later on, lean into God’s grace and wisdom. He will help you.

There is a God-given call to multiply on your life. This can be overwhelming, until you learn that God equips you to do so. Find out how to tap into God’s grace for multiplication in this video.

grace to multiply

We’ve been taught that maintaining what we have is a good thing. But God considers it wicked and lazy. So, which is it? Find out in this video.

maintaining is crappy

Multiplication seems like a strange definition of faithfulness. But, through the parable of the talents, we find out that’s exactly what God considers to be faithful.

Most people are so conditioned to relying on their manager to bug them until they get things done that they treat God the same way.

In this video, you’ll discover why this might just be keeping you from your God-given purpose.

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