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Pastor Kade Young

God Privilege

A free video series to help you live in God's promise of wealth.

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See money from God's perspective.

When pastors talk about money, it tends to get uncomfortable, especially when the only thing mentioned is generosity.

Generosity is a key ingredient to God's financial system, but you also need to see money from God's perspective.

Get the resources needed to fulfill your calling.

This video series is not only going to cause you to prosper; it’s going to set you free from things that have been holding you back from fulfilling what God has called you to do.


Videos Included

Godly Pursuit of Wealth

  • Godly Prosperity Explained
  • Why Christians Struggle with Prosperity
  • Cultural Hypocrisy
  • The Love of Money
  • Prepare to Prosper

God's Secret to Wealth

  • Merging Wisdom with Faith
  • Who's Stealing from You
  • Greater Serving = Greater Earning
  • Employee vs Employer
  • God's Secret to Wealth

Divine Multiplication

  • Origin of Multiplication
  • Jesus' Example
  • Stewardship Explained
  • Good and Faithful
  • Grace to Multiply

Pace and Provision

  • The Source of Wealth
  • The Role of Sabbath
  • Invite Jesus Into Your Boat
  • Never Hungry Again

Trust and Provision

  • God's Love Language
  • Supply ALL Your Needs
  • But It Doesn't Make Sense!
  • Do I Trust God?
  • Why You Struggle to Trust God
  • Healing the Orphan Spirit

How Identity Affects Wealth

  • Come Boldly
  • Who We Are
  • Identity Revealed
  • Solving the Identity Crisis


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