Jesus Ain't Woke - Kade Young
Jesus Ain't Woke

Your Guide to Real Christianity

The woke church is a counterfeit. It puts on a good show, but lacks the power of God. This book is your guide out of the woke church and into Jesus’ church.

When you choose to tolerate sin, you dismiss the power of God. Why? Because the power of God cannot exist alongside disobedience.

So how do you walk in obedience to God and free from sin? I explain it to you in this video.

How to live free from sin

Smart business owners will be quick to find and hire the outstanding individuals who sacrificed their job to stand for what’s right.

Those who are fired because of the mandate contain a rare quality: courage to stand for what's right.

Once you’ve received salvation in Jesus Christ, you want other people to receive it as well. But how do you lead others to Jesus?

You can’t lead people to salvation without the power of God present. How do you walk in the power of God? In this video, I take you to scripture and show you how.

The power to lead people to Jesus

Jesus revealed that there will be people on judgment day who think they are saved, only to find out they’re not.

It’s not a mystery who these people are because Jesus tells us how to know if you are really saved. I explain in this video.

Don't be surprised on judgment day

We tend to all have sin in our lives that keeps sticking around. It could be homosexuality, or pornography, or lying, or being lazy. The list goes on.

The truth is, Jesus took away our sin. So why can’t you get rid of it?

In this video, I explain why and reveal one simple step you need to take to defeat sin once and for all.

Delivered from homosexuality

On the surface, the woke ideology seems to have good intentions. But dig deeper, and you’ll find out that almost everything “woke” is anti-God.

In this video, I explain why WOKE and CHRISTIAN don’t go together.

Christian vs Woke

Doesn’t the Bible say not to judge? That’s a scripture even unbelievers know by heart. But how do you explain when Jesus said to judge with righteous judgment?

In this video, I help you figure this out by explaining the most popular, misquoted scripture of all time.

don't judge me

Satan doesn’t just hate Christians; he hates everyone. He wants us all dead. Yet God gave us this amazing ability to multiply.

So, what do you think Satan is after most? Our children.

He must stop the multiplication. And he has lots of strategies for this. I expose them in this video:

The WOKE movement attacks children