Once you get saved through Jesus Christ, are you always saved?

It sounds good. And it brings us hope for our friends and family who have strayed from their faith.

But is it true? Or are we clinging to something that makes us feel good at the moment but ends in destruction? Let’s talk about it.

God has been patient. They have had their time to repent. Those who lead the wicked will soon be cut off. Watch the full prophecy so you are not caught off guard by this shocking move of God.

The Biden Administration recently announced they will be providing up to $20,000 in debt cancellation to those with student loans.

Is this a good thing? Is there a hidden motive? Let’s talk about it.

UPDATE: Several days after their original post, GOD TV issued an apology to Sean Feucht. Read it here

Sean Feucht and God TV had a bit of a disagreement when Governor DeSantis posted about the armor of God.

God TV came to the rescue to lecture us on the dangers of merging Jesus and politics. Is that what this is? Or is it simply a politician using the Word of God to destroy the works of the enemy?

The term “false preacher” is tossed around freely these days. But how do you know if a so-called pastor is a true servant of God? Thankfully, scripture has the answer.

The woke movement is all rooted in one mindset. Once you are able to identify this mindset, you’ll save yourself from accidentally becoming woke.

This video is like turning a light on in a dark room. Protect yourself from the darkness of wokeism.