American Christians have a really hard time with suffering.

We’ve been trained that once you say yes to Jesus, everything will go your way, and you will have an easy life and all kinds of money.

What does it truly mean to suffer for God? And what kind of suffering is not from God? In this video, I answer those questions.

Greed has two primary qualities: wanting what others have and accumulating as much as you can.

Ephesians 5 shares the danger of greed.

In this video, I reveal the signs of greed in our lives and tell you how to reject it.

There are plenty of varying opinions on wealth as a Christian.

Does God want you wealthy or poor?

In this video, I share a few reasons why God NEEDS you wealthy now.

Provision is going to be needed in order to accomplish the harvest that God has planned in the end times.

And he will use the wealth of the ungodly to do so.

The righteous need to be ready to receive it and in this video, I explain how you can be ready to receive God’s end-time wealth transfer.

The Lord is very displeased with how we think and act toward children. Children are a blessing from the Lord. Yet we have adopted the world’s mindset and turned God’s blessing into a nuisance.

In America, we are trained to be selfish. If it takes effort and sacrifice, we want nothing to do with it. And as the church, we are acting just like the world.

It’s time to repent of our selfishness and become a church that values children for the gift that they are. In this video, I tell you how.